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Shipping Labels For Use In Business And Industry

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I am sure that you will have heard of shipping labels. These labels are used on cartons and containers while in transit indicating that the contents need to be handled with care or are fragile in nature. Many businesses and companies need to transport their products and goods over a long distance, hence they need shipping labels to inform the shipping and handling staff about the delicate nature of the cargo they are handling.

Thus, shipping labels are an important part of any business and help companies transport their goods and materials without any damage. These days, shipping labels work with a majority of laser and inkjet printers. Many companies stock shipping labels that work with popular software available in stores and on the internet. These labels are just the right choice for shipping cartons, bar codes, and other shipping uses. These days, shipping labels are available in a variety of materials and colors. They could include glossy, matte, clear, foil, colored labels and many more.

Its very easy to find shipping labels these days. Most online stores stock adequate quantities of shipping labels. You can order these from the comfort of your home and these will arrive within a few days right at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest stationery store and ask for these labels.

Depending upon your needs, you might require shipping labels with different types of information printed on them. For example, you might want a ‘fragile’ label indicating that the goods you are transporting are fragile in nature. Alternatively, you might ask for a ‘This side up’ label, which indicates the position in which your goods should be transported. Various other types of labels are also available. You can use the appropriate type of label to indicate whether your cargo comprises of liquids, electronic materials, instruments, or others. You could also use custom shipping labels to indicate a different type of cargo that you intend to ship.

Removable Laser Labels for your Project needs

Friday, December 24th, 2010

If you have ever felt the need for creating temporary labels for binders, file folders, or even diskettes, then you might have used removable laser labels. These labels can be easily stuck to almost any surface and leave no residue behind. You can easily print on to these labels with the help of a laser printer, so the labels available these days can be easily fed into a laser printer for convenience and use.

Removable laser labels are ideal for retail marketing, where the price provided by the wholesaler is different from the price that a retailer sells the product at. Moreover, these find good use in areas such as manufacturing and distribution, where products are temporarily labeled by personnel before final processing.

Removable laser labels are just ideal for home and office projects besides industrial or commercial uses. So, you can conveniently stock a few sheets of these labels because you might need them anytime.  These are useful for a variety of projects so you can also keep a few with you while you are traveling or even while you are handling an important conference. A variety of sizes are available with most stationary stores, and these are not expensive either. You can also purchase these labels online, where you will surely find a number of eminent dealers.

You can use these for labeling important documents and files, and also use them to label important books, office memos and for many other project. If you have children at home, then you can label their books and assignments, and remove the labels when they are finished with their tasks.

These labels are available in the form of sheets in various sizes, so you can conveniently use your laser printer along with MS office or other easily downloadable templates to print on these labels. Many suppliers will provide you with smudge proof and jam free papers, so you can run these through your printer without causing any trouble to your printer mechanism.


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