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July 16th, 2013

Labels serve many purposes- product identification, name tags, advertising, warnings and other communication. A label can be a piece of paper, polymer, cloth or a metal. Today’s world is highly competitive. Hence it is necessary for any business or product to stand out to lure customers. As per a survey, customers make an impression of the product in the first five seconds. This impression can impact sales for the product. Labels form an important part of making this impression on potential customers.

There are many professionals who provide their expertise in label printing. Based on the needs, various types of labels such as laser or inkjet labels, custom printed labels, thermal labels or preprinted labels can be provided. Laser label printing can be done on a wide range of materials such as paper, polyester, polyethylene or metallic papers, whereas inkjet has limitations of the type of material that can be used. Laser printed labels are smudge free and water resistant and images do not fade in sunlight whereas in inkjet labels, print fades over time. Inkjet labels provide wider scope for label formats that is they can be used for customized cut size of the labels whereas laser printing is not possible in that case.

A great way to establish brand identity is through the use of custom printed labels. It gives the freedom to choose the best material with beautiful graphics and text and a unique size for creating a lasting impression of the product. Usually these labels are used in fast moving consumer goods where products require attracting consumer’s interest to stimulate buying.

Thermal label printing is of two types- direct thermal label printing and Thermal transfer printing. Direct thermal labels are made of thin plastic or heating element does foil and printing.  They are widely used as labels in packaging, shipping, shelves, diskettes and bar codes. However they cannot be used where heat is emanating from another heat source. So they cannot be used in factories or industrial locations where heat sources are present. In such places thermal labels can be used. As they can withstand heat, they are more durable than direct thermal labels.

Scale labels are ideal for labeling applications in supermarkets, butcher shops, grocery stores, convenience stores and many other areas. These labels provide weight and price information of a product. Based on the application, different adhesives are used.

Label printing requires attention to details. Just selecting the right kind of look and label but also in selecting the right material and adhesives does not finish the job. When choosing a label for a food carton, the materials and ink used must adhere to the food safety norms set by the authorities. Many times adhesives and label materials are inflammable. Such labels should not be used in places near fire or heat source.

Labels help build a brand image. They initiate a customer to the product. Its importance should never be underestimated. Right from advertising a product to giving details of the product to the customer, labels play a very important role. Advance in technology has opened up vast avenues to experiment with medium, graphics and applications of labels. They should be certainly tapped at the earliest.

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June 5th, 2013

In the market labels used in any forms play a commanding role and make them ready to be identified. With the help of numerous laser and inkjet printers, these thermal rolls and plastic as well as permanent water proof labels are produced to suit the requirement. Majority of companies enhance their recognition with well-designed logo on which their brand, message or slogan and other vital information are printed. Viewers discovering a known label or brand will immediately pick-up the product. Unattractive and meaningless designs on labels prove failure for businesses. So, customer will only be attracted towards effective, bespoke and rich logo that signals to reliable services and quality product from the company or manufacturer.

Today is the times when high tech images, premium graphics and magnificent quality of designs are must for labels and stickers. These products can be customized so as to aim directly on goal and business message that the company wants to pass on to its customers. With advanced quality of printers and competently powerful techniques, such labels can be produced. Durable, high quality and still reasonably priced online solutions for such labels in variety of options is available for manufacturers, food business, Medicine and health products, retailers, cosmetics, laser and inkjet printers, barcodes and tags on various products etc. You need to ensure that you are at right provider for the stuff and ask for sample online creation model so as to get the idea what you will be getting it live.

Customized labels can also be made waterproof which is high in demand these days and benefits for the same are:

  • They are quite powerful than regular ones and lasts longs too even if exposed to direct sunlight, cold or hot climate and water.
  • They are safe-guarded in terms of tearing, wearing-out and fading and discolouring.
  • Gets easily printed and is rated affordably
  • They look outstanding due to its outer glossy layer and smooth finish
  • Can be customized as per your taste, need or business brand in different shapes and sizes.
  • Can be used for outdoor uses too and serves consistently even if used for too many times.

Waterproof labels also have variety of uses and can work for numerous business kinds. So, go for durable and perfectly tailor-made labels and tags that are impressively stands as an identification or recognition for your brand or business or product.


May 14th, 2013

Irrespective of what you deal in or are actively selling, the impact of the highly important facet of your brand or product – labels will be doing a great job in sales & reputation of your business items. Thus, selection of quality labels that is involved in packaging and wrapping should be done carefully & from a genuine supplier or manufacturer. Majority of business doers do not pay deep attention on selecting it but it is a fact that those who are actualizing their brand or logo through high quality of labels are highly notable and renowned in their industry. So, why sell products with blurry or ineffective labels that damage your brand’s impression at the very first sight? They are sure to make a significant impression and boost your sales if you ensure some vital measures in those labels.

You can acquire professional labels in many forms from a trusted, well-established & technologically sound company. The range of labels include Laser or Inkjet labels, Thermal labels, Label templates, Pre-printed labels, Custom printed labels, Scale labels etc. They are good to work for variety of business verticals like: Health, Fitness, Food & Beverages, Kids products, Beauty, Wellness, Medicine, Paints and lots more. Labels like these can lift your identity to a higher level as they are developed with professional techniques and highly optimized processes carried out by efficient & powerful printers. On the tins, envelopes, covers or on packaging of any kind, labels are simple to do the job.

Manufacturer of such labels offers wide spectrum of blank labels, label rolls, bulk printed labels and customized labels as per the requirement of the client. There are also exclusive materials choices from which you can ask for tailor-made designs to get printed on them. Printing can also be made according to your choice with brighter colour options, unique pastels combinations, rich background, and exclusive theme or highlighted logo or brand. Labels carrying peak quality of print, colour, adhesive, paper, laminations, images and resistance level will last for longer time frame. Highly durable, scratch proof and attractive labels should be your choice for promoting your products or logo or brand.

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April 15th, 2013

Labels are always playing a big part to recognize a particular thing. Like a kitchen in the hotel when the lots of vegetables kept, labels are used for recognizing fresh and old vegetables. In the place like the factory, labels are used to distinguish between old and new stock. There are many types of labels available in the market which is used for various useful purposes.

Various kinds of labels:

There are many types of labels like Laser and Inkjet labels, custom printed labels, thermal roll labels, scale labels , pre-printed labels  and many more various varieties of products available in the market. And every type of labels has individual uses.

Use of fanfold labels:

Among them direct thermal fanfolded labels are quite easy-to-use labels. This label  is very useful as an  address labels, shipping labels, general-purpose tags, bar codes and many more advantages.

Direct thermal fanfold labels  can be used in already finished, ready to use packs, or in a blank or printed format ready for over-printing with fixed or variable data. Fanfold is usually positioned behind or below the printer and fed into the printer through a slot at the back or at the base of the printer.

Benefits of buying fanfold labels:

There are lots of  advantages of using  direct thermal fanfold labels . Fanfold will likely get more labels in each carton, because our fanfold labels are more compactly packed and  fit better in rectangular cartons. This is benefits for busy or high volume label printing applications include reduced cost and less frequent empty carton replacement. Fanfold labels offer the benefit of lying flat in comparing to typical rolled barcode labels.

Any one who wants to purchase this fanfold label, then at is right choice for you.  Because, we have a wide variety of labels like Laser and Inkjet labels, Custom printed labels, Thermal roll labels, scale labels, pre-printed labels and various kinds of pre-designed templates for you and if you are giving more than one order we will offer you a good discount on some of our labels products.


February 25th, 2013 always brings variety of products to their customers and give they a wide variety of choice to our precious customer. Among them one many product Pinfeed labels are one very much recently popular and highly preferred product which is widely used all over the world. The most common use of Pinfeed labels is in the everyday applications of small-scale business units, warehouses and distribution houses.

These labels are used for the longest time but only in the recent year  the popularity on Pinfeed labels has been increased. Pinfeed labels redefine originality and have been in existence right from the initial days of computing technology. At the first look of it, one will notice that there are regularly spaced holes on either side of the labels, fed through a continuous form dot matrix printer with which it is highly compatible. The inbuilt Pinfeed platens and tractors widely used in these printers facilitate the printing of as many labels as possible.

These labels are very popular with warehouse and distribution houses or small business users who required  address labels every day.. These Pinfeed labels are perfect for product labels, bar codes, and content lists. Our labels are also smudge-proof and totally jam free .

The Pinfeed labels are divided into two general categories:

Single Width Pinfeed Labels:

Single width Pinfeed labels are Ideal for busy offices and shipping departments where you need single labels printed quickly and easily.

Multiple Width Pinfeed Labels:

Multi width Pinfeed labels make efficient use of dot-matrix printer for fast label production. They are popular mainly for the purpose of small business client mailings.

Pinfeed labels are used in a wide array of services ranging from busy offices, to fulfilling postal purposes, in shipping departments and small business client mailings. Printing methods of these labels require relevant information to be fed into the computer and with just a click on print option, the Pinfeed label of your choice is in your hand.

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January 28th, 2013

Thermal transfer labels are  commonly used within the transport and logistics industry, but are also used for different consumer durable labeling. Thermal transfer labels require a thermal transfer ribbon to print, but they offer a longer shelf life in comparing to direct thermal labels.

Uses of thermal transfer labels:

Most of our thermal transfer labels are used for shipping labels, for inventory tracking and control, and for task pacific work like  product  and package identification. And these colors thermal transfer labels can be used for warehousing and lot separation. However, The markets and applications for thermal transfer are constantly expanding all over the world.

How it created?:

Thermal Transfer labels are produced with an ultra-smooth coating that creates a scratch resistant bond with thermal ribbon. Thermal Transfer technology creates a  crisp print, and is ideal for labelling situations such as Barcoding, warehousing and most importantly for product labeling.

What we do?:

We at labelsonlinecom produce a vast range of products for Thermal Transfer printing and Thermal Direct . All of our different label products are tailored to specifically to our specific customers needs. We can provide many different materials ranging from standard paper, to synthetics, non adhesive tags and several specialist materials. We can  produce labels that can be fully submersed in water.

How we do?:

A thermal transfer printer uses a thin plastic ribbon with a thin coating of wax or resin based pigment. The ribbon and labels feed from separate rolls and are squeezed together by a roller as they pass under the thermal printhead. The heating elements in the printed melt the coating which transfers to the label to form the image.

First we’ll define ‘direct thermal’ labels versus ‘thermal transfer’ labels. When using ‘thermal transfer’ labels it is necessary to install a roll of inked ribbon into the printer along with the labels. The ink from the roll of ribbon transfers to the labels as they are printed. Rolls of inked ribbon are not used when printing on ‘direct thermal’ labels.

Various thermal transfer labels :

And here at labels online  we offer you various thermal transfer labels of different shape, size and style like Thermal Transfer Roll Labels, Wound Out, Thermal Transfer Roll Labels, Wound In, Color thermal Transfer Labels, Wound Out Thermal Transfer Labels, FanfoldedThermal Transfer Card Stock And , beside this product many other great products that is sold by us.

January 13th, 2013

When making or ordering custom labels for your products, services or even just for just a special event you’ll be celebrating, there are actually no hard and fast rules to follow.  Except for certain products that have to comply with specific labeling guidelines provided by the law, you have all the liberty to choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors of blank labels.

Needless to say, you still have to make sure that your label attains some visual appeal so that potential end users get to pick your product from the shelf. Similarly, when making personalized inkjet or laser labels for your special event, visual appeal plays an important role in enticing your guests to confirm their attendance.

Visual appeal defined

Visual appeal refers to a particular quality that elicits a strong interest or desire in someone or something. A person or an object may not necessarily be all that perfect, but it may have a certain level of attractiveness that can cause heads to turn. Often, visual appeal is the result of a play of different factors working together to paint a pretty picture.

“Eye candy” is a common slang term that best describes techniques or effects used to create visual appeal and draw mass attention to something. Like candy, the end result is something eye-catching and potentially addictive. And almost always, color plays an extremely important role on how visual appeal works to capture and sustain the attention of a wider audience.

Let’s take a look at how the simple choice of colors for custom-printed labels can help you come up with attractive and compelling labels for your products, services or special events.

What is it about the color of your label?

Ever wondered why McDonald’s, In-n-Out and Pizza Hut predominantly use red and yellow for their logos and brands? Well, it isn’t by accident that logo designers for these three leading fast food chains chose the two particular colors. This is the end result of extensive research conducted on the psychology of colors and how it elicits certain responses and reactions from human subjects.

Red, yellow, and the blending of the two to produce orange are generally colors that excite the senses. Red has been proven to capture attention, stimulate appetite and even trigger hunger. On the other hand, yellow fosters feelings of happiness and amiability. A combination of the two creates this visual-gustatory interaction that targets the specific market of these fast food businesses – people who are looking for fast and friendly food service.

In contrast, the colors blue, green and purple create just the opposite. These three hues are generally known as calming colors, which explains why you’ll see most of these colors used on health and beauty products that are formulated to pamper and relax you.

The language of color

Color is a language that communicates faster than words, shapes or graphics ever will. They work directly on our feelings and emotions so start off by knowing your market and identifying what appeals to them in order to generate a positive response from your target audience. Afterwards, check out your custom label options with a reliable online label supplier.

January 3rd, 2013

There are many types of labels that are used for a variety of purposes in day to day life. The primary  purpose of using these kind of labels is  to identify, tag, categorize and give accurate information about the product. The different types of labels have unique yet different  characteristics and that is  because of the different materials with which they were generated.

Two types of thermal labels:

There are mainly two types of thermal labels (1) The direct thermal  roll labels (2) the thermal transfer roll  labels. Both types of labels have a wide entirely different kind of uses.. The direct thermal label is made in a quite a simple manner. The words or image  that is to be printed on the label are done by using  a heating element that is shaped like the words or the images to be printed.

Advantage of direct thermal labels:

  • Direct thermal roll labels are the product of the direct thermal printing process. Unlike most other means of printing, the direct thermal strategy does not depend on any toner or ink.
  • Instead, a heated printhead is applied to label constructed of a specially treated type of paper. This paper really reacts very well with the precise printed to bring out images quickly and clearly.
  • Direct thermal roll labels bypass many of the expenses associated with other print techniques and do the  perfect  and  much faster job than ink-based systems.Until  today , thermal labels produced with this method have enjoyed  word wide popularity.
  • So, many of those who like direct thermal labels work in a situation where labelling needs are relatively temporary on any given product or where they are certain the products will never experience a significant environment saves.
  • If you need relatively inexpensive thermal labels in a hurry, direct thermal printing may provide your  perfect solution. However, It may not be the best means of handling some types of printing jobs, but still it handles quite well.
  • Direct thermal printing does require specially treated label stock and an appropriate label printing.

And  this is how bring a range of product for  Direct Thermal Roll Labels – From shipping labels to product identification labeling, direct thermal labels are a one really most economic and  cost effective way to meet your labeling requirements. Other important uses include labels for packaging, part bins, VHS taps, shelves, diskettes, and bar codes. And many of  Direct Thermal Labels are compatible with mini printers.

December 22nd, 2012

Custom labels were once used exclusively for shipping parcels and packages, but that isn’t the case anymore. Nowadays you’ll find labels in virtually every industry, owing to the fact that companies see labeling as an effective approach to organizing their businesses or marketing their brand or product.

The type of label most consumers are quite familiar with is the variable information printing (VIP) label. VIP labels are widely used in industry, retail and distribution for identification, monitoring, weighing, pricing and tracking purposes.

Unlike product labels that are usually produced in bulk, VIP labels are printed right before they are applied using either thermal printers or desktop printers. Commercial and industrial applications mostly work with POS printers using thermal roll labels while office applications rely on desktop equipment using inkjet and laser sheet labels.

Main end-use areas for VIP labels include small office and home office (SOHO) information labeling, logistic labeling as well as laboratory labeling. SOHO label applications include file and folder labels, name tags, record labels and CD/DVD labels.  Logistic label applications on the other hand cover various forms of transport and shipping labels which are generally printed using monochrome or color laser printers. Blank and pre-printed labels made of special materials are mostly used for laboratory label applications.

Particularly in the manufacturing and retail sectors, labels may seem quite diverse. However, they are all designed to serve a common purpose – to sell a product. Millions of dollars are spent in research, design and production of custom labels that aim to capture consumer attention, generate sales and eventually create customer loyalty.

Among the most widely used labels are beverage labels and wine labels, both of which are designed to achieve an elaborate appearance and optimum performance in various temperature ranges. Bottled water brands for instance use clear polypropylene label films which are totally transparent to give a clean and pure look. The same type of labels is also quite popular when bottling vodka and gin.

Beer and wine bottlers on the other hand opt for matte or metallic labels to create more visual impact. These labels are produced using a technique of over lamination to attain scratch resistance and withstand above average handling in all stages of production and on the display shelves. A lot of these labels are treated for alkali resistance and wet strength so they are able to resist wrinkle or bubble formation and withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Health and beauty products as well as industrial chemical products also use custom printed labels quite extensively. Labels used on these types of products are generally conformable and highly resistant to water and moisture as well as oil and chemical substances.

Labels have gone a long way from just being used to indicate addresses when shipping packages. They have become an effective marketing tool for producers and manufacturers across a wide range of industries.

December 2nd, 2012

A well-designed, high quality custom label can make all the difference for your product. Brand and identity are vital and large companies spend thousands of dollars in the design process of logos and labels for their merchandise.

How customers see and identify your product will ultimately play a crucial role in initial and repeat sales, so it is important to explore all your options when deciding which type of label will suit your particular product.

Custom labels come in virtually any shape and size – you’ll find rectangle and square labels as well as oval and circle labels. Especially for small business owners, it is a welcome thing these days that digital printing technology has made custom-printed labels accessible for virtually anyone.

In the past, one had to order labels in the tens or hundreds of thousands just to get the cost at a reasonable level. A professional graphic designer had to be hired and label cost increased depending on the number of printing plates or tools that had to be employed. Nowadays though, you are able to design your own labels, order just the right amount you need and still get sensible pricing.

We owe all of these to revolutionary technology which has been the biggest asset in making custom label printing economical even for the small business owner. Let’s look into a few important guidelines which will help you with selecting the right type of labels for your merchandise.

Choosing the right label material

First, you will have to choose the appropriate material for your product label. The most common choices are laser and inkjet labels but you will learn that there’s a great deal of flexibility in labels when selecting material for certain products. There are clear labels and gloss labels and there are labels that can resist above average handling such as those made from squeezable film material. There are also foil labels, high temperature polyester or vinyl labels and holographic material labels for those needing specialized types of product labels.

Deciding whether you need a protective overcoat

You can also top off your label with either a matte or glossy overcoat. Over-laminates provide added protection from rough handling or extreme temperatures and a custom label supplier can help you choose which kind will best suit your product.

Selecting the proper label adhesive

The type of adhesive used on your product labels is also quite critical. There are a number of variables to consider such as the environment where the labeling will be done, whether labels are permanent or removable and whether packages and containers are to be filled in hot or cold temperatures.

Label adhesives come in various forms. There are cold temperature or freezer adhesives, static cling adhesives, permanent adhesives as well as removable or repositionable adhesives. In case you are applying your labels by hand, cold temperature adhesive is highly recommended since adhesive flow rate is generally slower. This allows for quick label relocation in case you may need to reposition a label before it finally locks onto the package surface.

It is best to speak with a reliable label supplier regarding your custom label requirements. Label suppliers can also offer you other essential labels such as inventory control labels and shipping labels which most product manufacturers will likely need.


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