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Professionally useful shipping labels

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

We all the know how importance of labels in our daily life.  Among the list of many labels shipping Labels is one of the important kind of label available in the market.  Shipping label basically is an identification label affixed to a container which specifies the contents of the shipping container. If the merchandise is subject to any inspections such as an FDA inspection, the shipping label  need to  contain that inspection information also. A shipping label used by a mail delivery service to  lists the originating and destination addresses.

Why should use shipping labels:

Turn something old into something new. Labels’ online Shipping Labels leave no traces of previous markings or labels because everything below is covered up and out of  container sight. Just stick these labels on using boxes and packaging and watch as old, distracting scrawls, postage and previous shipping labels automatically  disappear.

Some key benefits of using shipping labels of labels online:

  • It is really strong and durable polyester shipping labels for all weather conditions. They do not blur so the address remains  really easy to read.
  • It really shows a resistance against water and dirt resistant, tear-proof, UV and temperature.
  • These labels can be used on any kind of packaging material which also includes polythene envelopes.
  • You want your instruction will display when container reach no matter whatever the weather and delivery conditions.
  • When you are sending packages or documents you want to take extra care of them and ensure they arrive safely and securely. With this new range of shipping labels you can send your parcels exactly how you want to. It’s like actually delivering them yourself!

Some  great shipping labels products:

  1. Permanent Adhesive, Pre-printed  Labels PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE, DO NOT DROP, THANK YOU:  This label is very useful to tell that the product insider container requires a great care.
  2. Permanent Adhesive, Pre-printed Labels PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE, GLASS, THANK YOU: This shipping label is useful when glass is contained inside the container.
  3. Permanent Adhesive, Pre-printed ELECTRONIC MATERIAL, DON’T DROP, DON’T CRUSH : This label tells that electronic item inside so don’t drop nor crush

Besides, these pre-printed shipping Labels there are lot’s other useful and innovative  shipping labels available at website.  Apart from shipping labels they are manufactured custom printed labels, Pre-printed labels , Thermal roll labels,  Laser and Ink-jet labels and many varieties of products.

Beyond Just The Name – The Different Functions of Product Labels

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Custom labels play a huge role in the manufacturing and retailing industries.  Manufacturers must label their products while retailers extensively use thermal roll labels for pricing and inventory control in the business operations.

Labels are any type of written, electronic or graphic information used to communicate the important features and functions of a product to the end user. They may carry just the brand name or a great deal of information regarding the product.

Labels are typically incorporated into overall product packaging or may be employed separately for a distinct purpose. For instance, inventory control labels are used to indicate the completion of various procedures such as industry mandated testing or quality control inspections before products are shipped out to distributors and dealers. Similarly, different types of shipping labels are used to provide added information regarding special instructions or restrictions on certain types of cargo and packages.

Labels perform distinct functions so let’s take a look at the more common ones and learn what type of labels are best used for these specific purposes.

Brand Identification

The main function of labels is to identify a product or a brand. Different products use different types of labels. You can base your selection process on the label material to be used.  Matte or kraft labels, for instance, go well with products that are targeted at the environmentally conscious end user. On the other hand, foil, gloss and freezer laser/inkjet labels work well with products that are exposed to varying temperature or climate conditions.

Product Description

Certain products need to deliver pertinent information to the end user. There are products that require manufacturers and producers to provide consumers information on who made the product, when and where it was made, what the contents comprise of, and how it is to be used safely. For this purpose, you can select labels by size or shape so you find the appropriate one for your product.

Product Use

Alternatively, labels are also classified according to use. Hence you can find wine and beer labels, medical product labels, CD/DVD labels, shipping labels as well as bar code labels.

Product Grading

Certain items, especially fresh food as well as paper products, are graded accordingly. That’s why you see these small, circle labels marked A, B, or C on fruits and other food products.

Product Promotion

You can make use of attractive, custom-printed labels to make your product stand above the competition or to bring to the attention of consumers a particular limited time promotion you’re having on your product. Discounts, special offers and bargains may be conveyed to the end user using this type of label which can be tailored for your distinct purpose.

Custom and Pre-Printed Labels For Commercial and Industrial Applications

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Virtually all products and many services in any market segment nowadays make use of some kind of label to serve their specific requirements. Apart from providing vital information, labels help organize and streamline operational procedures and significantly improve work cycles across a wide range of applications.

Shipping & Forwarding

Forwarding companies and courier services, for instance, work with all sorts of shipping labels that indicate special instructions which need to be observed when handling loads and cargo. If package contents are fragile or breakable, there are shipping labels used to alert handlers about taking extra care when handling these. Similarly, if certain shipments have to be delivered in the quickest time possible, load handlers can simply stick a label indicating the need for speed delivery so these can be sorted out and given the extra attention.

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Manufacturing plants and warehouses also employ a wide range of inventory control labels to manage daily tasks that take place in their particular work setting. Quality control labels are affixed to products which have passed or failed an inspection or a test and there are even those which provide spaces on where inspectors and quality controllers can affix their signatures and inspection dates for easy verification.

Commercial & Industrial Weighing

Scale labels are also widely used in food labeling and commercial or industrial weighing and it is common for the average shopper to see a digital scale label on fresh produce they purchase at a local supermarket. Meat, seafood, vegetable and fruit counters in supermarkets make use of digital scales that print out labels indicating a product code or a bar code, as well as price and weight information of the merchandise. State-of-the-art digital scales and scale labels make it easy for those manning the checkout counters to bill you for these items as they will simply need to scan these labels to print out your receipt.

Most digital scales these days use pressure sensitive labels made from thermal paper. Food labels and scale labels are subjected to a lot of handling and undergo additional abuse at home in the form of heat, moisture or freezing. Usually, there are particular types of scale labels recommended for a specific scale brand or model and these are widely available from online label suppliers or from the original equipment manufacturer. Scale labels are available in rolls which easily fit into these digital weighing scales.

You’ll find the largest selection of shipping labels, inventory control labels and scale labels both in stock label or custom label versions. Most industries make use of stock or pre-printed labels; however there are particular products or services that need to comply with industry and government regulations when supplying information on their labels, so businesses have the option of having custom labels printed for their specific needs.

Uses of Fluorescent & Foil Laser Labels

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Fluorescent and foil laser labels are now being used to solve different purposes. From simple entertainment to large industries, everywhere these labels are being used rapidly because it is such a useful device that can serve vital function without charging you an unusual amount. It is not difficult at all to avail variety of high –quality labels to use for individual purposes like for office based business, for organizational need etc. There are lots of companies that manufacture Fluorescent labels in wide range of size and variety and a majority of them offer guaranteed jam free labels. Now let’s see in detail what the uses of these labels are and what important facts you should know about the labels.

Information regarding Fluorescent:
Fluorescent and foil laser labels are more popular than other forms of labels because they have been manufactured with the purpose to make the labels compatible with both laser and inkjet printers. This is because a majority of business and house owners use any one of the printers and that is why manufacturers are creating user friendly labels so that you don’t need to pay an extra amount to buy a different printer.

Fluorescent and foil laser labels have no other alternative to send something important and interesting information about your business or the service that you deal in. It can be used to provide “get noticed”, “Past Due” and “Fragile” information. Available in Varity of dazzling and gorgeous colors and in different sizes, the labels look extremely great on all kind of contents.

Other facts:
A majority of Fluorescent & foil laser labels manufacturers include a maximum number of papers and labels in a single item so that it can worth a users pay in true sense. In most cases the maximum number of sheets is more than 25 and available number of labels in not less than 450. Moreover, it is the adhesive of the labels that make it more demanding because once you use it, you remain relaxed for a long time.

Where to get the labels:
If you want to avail quality and customized Fluorescent and foil laser labels for your business you should consider the importance of online shopping. It is an online store only that can offer you variety of a same product. Moreover if you want to avail a product of a far away company at your door step, you must shop it online because online stores offer faster and convenient shipping service that deliver product in less time and without causing any damage to the item.

Ship labels- an important part of business

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Ship labels are kind of paper products that are being used to paste detail information of different items which will move overseas. These labels are needed to paste the entire detailing of a product to take it for granted. Importance of quality ship label is hard to ignore if you are dealing with product shipping services. Nowadays, different types of ship labels are available in market as individual online stores are selling this product. However, your purpose will be to choose a site which sells a veracity of products to solve different purposes. Labels online is the site that promises to deliver all kind of label solutions to help users involved in different types of businesses.


What are the specialties of this site that will grow your interest? Let’s learn about various ship label products that are on offer by the site, in detail. This online site is offering:

  • Custom printed ship labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Direct thermal labels
  • Ink jet labels
  • Laser labels

Along with these products the site also offer one-of –a kind label sheet(user friendly) which will help you to create different labels like price tags, content lists, photo captions, address labels, ship labels and name badges, on your own. You can feed the sheet via your laser or inkjet printer as you use a paper sheet.

Thermal labels:

Thermal transfer (roll) labels are special type of ship labels that you can shop from this site. Every roll of thermal transfer labels ensures two common matter- quality of product and convenience of using. This particular ship label product is available in wide range of handy sizes which you can use to fulfill all your need. There is a special feature of this product and that is the 3’’ core of the rolls which fits in any popular thermal printer. Thus it is not needed to buy a new or advanced printer to use the rolls.

Fluorescent labels:

This online site comprises a huge collection of Fluorescent laser ship labels and in their assortment you will get florescent labels of different colors like green, pink, yellow, orange and red. Shipping departments are fond of these colored fluorescent labels as it helps them to mention all information neatly to make them properly visible. Along with shipping departments other industries like offices, warehouses, hospitals, even schools are making use of this special type of label.

If you are looking for quality yet affordable ship label products try this online site to shop any item in delight.

Create Good Impression with Good Shipping Label From

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


A good business always cares for its impression and that is why different companies make use of gorgeous and outstanding shipping labels to involve and regulate viewers towards the business. is well aware of the truth and thus delivers customers with products that can help the purpose of any business in true sense, so that the impression lingers for a long time.

You can opt for both professional and address ship labels, as the site has a huge collection of all these. To shop for a label, you just have to mention the product choosing from the pre-cut tag sizes. You can add pictures as well selecting one form the picture library of The other option to choose a label is that a client can send his or her personal PDF files, and then can select a color and finally has to nominate a capacity. This is the simple process of getting customized shipping label from a company.

Correct labeling can increase the brand potential of your company. The website of specializes in different types of ship labels that can provide benefit to your business in a big way.

Facts about deals in different kind of products like custom stickers, address labels, custom printed labels, roll labels, DVD and CD levels and laser inkjet labels. The company delivers any product within 48 hours from the time of receiving an order and it is quite simple to purchase any kind of product from The site has been designed in a clear pattern where it shows the prices of the products as well, so that a customer can easily decide what he or she should purchase from the site, and which product will go with their budget. The site provides you with the opportunity to explain all information in detail and in exchange a consumer will be provided with a customized quote within 8 hours. The company assures that on every purchase a consumer will be able to save a few bucks.

The customer support is outstanding. It is not that always the company can meet the standard, but if a client files a complaint against the services, the company tries to solve it at any point of time. Maximum numbers of people are satisfied with the performance of the company and refer it to others as well.

Fanfold labels for home and business use

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Contrary to many people’s perceptions, fanfold labels are still used in many small and medium sized businesses because of cost effectiveness and ease of use. This article describes fanfold labels.

Main Body

I’m sure that you will have seen fanfold labels. These labels are affixed with the help of a special adhesive across several rows of a regular fanfold paper roll. These labels can be easily fed through a dot matrix printer by aligning the holes on both sides of the paper with the two tractor feeds of the printer. There are several rows of these labels on each perforatable paper sheet and they can be easily peeled off so that you can use them after printing.

Contrary to your perception, fanfold labels are still used in many small and medium sized businesses because of cost effectiveness and ease of use. Additionally, it is possible to do work speedily as they are best suited for high volume applications.  The paper on which the labels are affixed is generally partially waxed to ensure better grip and improved printing. These days, most fanfold labels are smudge proof and jam proof. They are thus friendlier and easier to use.

Most customers want these to be reliable so that they can be used for a variety of uses such as address labels, general purpose tags, carton packaging, box labels, shipping labels, and many others.  The material that is used for these labels can range from ordinary paper to fluorescent, matte, glossy, or even foils and opaque films. These labels are easily procurable from your nearest stationary store. You can even trust a reputed online dealer for providing you with these labels. These stores offer genuine brands so that you can obtain hassle free service at low costs from them.

Shipping Labels For Use In Business And Industry

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I am sure that you will have heard of shipping labels. These labels are used on cartons and containers while in transit indicating that the contents need to be handled with care or are fragile in nature. Many businesses and companies need to transport their products and goods over a long distance, hence they need shipping labels to inform the shipping and handling staff about the delicate nature of the cargo they are handling.

Thus, shipping labels are an important part of any business and help companies transport their goods and materials without any damage. These days, shipping labels work with a majority of laser and inkjet printers. Many companies stock shipping labels that work with popular software available in stores and on the internet. These labels are just the right choice for shipping cartons, bar codes, and other shipping uses. These days, shipping labels are available in a variety of materials and colors. They could include glossy, matte, clear, foil, colored labels and many more.

Its very easy to find shipping labels these days. Most online stores stock adequate quantities of shipping labels. You can order these from the comfort of your home and these will arrive within a few days right at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest stationery store and ask for these labels.

Depending upon your needs, you might require shipping labels with different types of information printed on them. For example, you might want a ‘fragile’ label indicating that the goods you are transporting are fragile in nature. Alternatively, you might ask for a ‘This side up’ label, which indicates the position in which your goods should be transported. Various other types of labels are also available. You can use the appropriate type of label to indicate whether your cargo comprises of liquids, electronic materials, instruments, or others. You could also use custom shipping labels to indicate a different type of cargo that you intend to ship.


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