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Global popularity of Pinfeed labels

Monday, February 25th, 2013 always brings variety of products to their customers and give they a wide variety of choice to our precious customer. Among them one many product Pinfeed labels are one very much recently popular and highly preferred product which is widely used all over the world. The most common use of Pinfeed labels is in the everyday applications of small-scale business units, warehouses and distribution houses.

These labels are used for the longest time but only in the recent year  the popularity on Pinfeed labels has been increased. Pinfeed labels redefine originality and have been in existence right from the initial days of computing technology. At the first look of it, one will notice that there are regularly spaced holes on either side of the labels, fed through a continuous form dot matrix printer with which it is highly compatible. The inbuilt Pinfeed platens and tractors widely used in these printers facilitate the printing of as many labels as possible.

These labels are very popular with warehouse and distribution houses or small business users who required  address labels every day.. These Pinfeed labels are perfect for product labels, bar codes, and content lists. Our labels are also smudge-proof and totally jam free .

The Pinfeed labels are divided into two general categories:

Single Width Pinfeed Labels:

Single width Pinfeed labels are Ideal for busy offices and shipping departments where you need single labels printed quickly and easily.

Multiple Width Pinfeed Labels:

Multi width Pinfeed labels make efficient use of dot-matrix printer for fast label production. They are popular mainly for the purpose of small business client mailings.

Pinfeed labels are used in a wide array of services ranging from busy offices, to fulfilling postal purposes, in shipping departments and small business client mailings. Printing methods of these labels require relevant information to be fed into the computer and with just a click on print option, the Pinfeed label of your choice is in your hand.

And if you want to place your order online for Pinfeed labels and various other labels like customer printed labels, inventory control  labels, shipping labels, pre-printed labels , laser/inkjet labels , thermal roll labels, scalable labels then just place your order on this site.

A place to buy thermal transfer labels

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Thermal transfer labels are  commonly used within the transport and logistics industry, but are also used for different consumer durable labeling. Thermal transfer labels require a thermal transfer ribbon to print, but they offer a longer shelf life in comparing to direct thermal labels.

Uses of thermal transfer labels:

Most of our thermal transfer labels are used for shipping labels, for inventory tracking and control, and for task pacific work like  product  and package identification. And these colors thermal transfer labels can be used for warehousing and lot separation. However, The markets and applications for thermal transfer are constantly expanding all over the world.

How it created?:

Thermal Transfer labels are produced with an ultra-smooth coating that creates a scratch resistant bond with thermal ribbon. Thermal Transfer technology creates a  crisp print, and is ideal for labelling situations such as Barcoding, warehousing and most importantly for product labeling.

What we do?:

We at labelsonlinecom produce a vast range of products for Thermal Transfer printing and Thermal Direct . All of our different label products are tailored to specifically to our specific customers needs. We can provide many different materials ranging from standard paper, to synthetics, non adhesive tags and several specialist materials. We can  produce labels that can be fully submersed in water.

How we do?:

A thermal transfer printer uses a thin plastic ribbon with a thin coating of wax or resin based pigment. The ribbon and labels feed from separate rolls and are squeezed together by a roller as they pass under the thermal printhead. The heating elements in the printed melt the coating which transfers to the label to form the image.

First we’ll define ‘direct thermal’ labels versus ‘thermal transfer’ labels. When using ‘thermal transfer’ labels it is necessary to install a roll of inked ribbon into the printer along with the labels. The ink from the roll of ribbon transfers to the labels as they are printed. Rolls of inked ribbon are not used when printing on ‘direct thermal’ labels.

Various thermal transfer labels :

And here at labels online  we offer you various thermal transfer labels of different shape, size and style like Thermal Transfer Roll Labels, Wound Out, Thermal Transfer Roll Labels, Wound In, Color thermal Transfer Labels, Wound Out Thermal Transfer Labels, FanfoldedThermal Transfer Card Stock And , beside this product many other great products that is sold by us.

Scale Labels for Use in Business & Industry

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Scale Labels are a commonly available product at most retail supply and stationary stores. These labels are used in electronic weighing scales with inbuilt label printers to print specific product information such as price and weight. This article briefly describes scale labels.

You will certainly have encountered scale labels at the local supermarket. Sometimes, you need to weigh certain products on a weighing scale at the supermarket such as fruits, poultry, or vegetables. The electronic weighing scale prints out the weight and the price of the product on a label along with the barcode using the inbuilt label printer. This label is known a scale label.  Scale labels are now available for various models of electronic weighing scales in different shapes and sizes.

Usually, these labels are pressure sensitive and made from thermal paper. As is the case with other labels, these labels have an adhesive back which can be revealed by peeling off the butter or wax paper on the reverse side.  Thermally sensitive scale labels are impregnated with a dye as well as a mild acid that react with each other when subjected to heat. This is done with the help of a heated print head located within the inbuilt label printer. The acid-dye combination thus changes color and renders the characters and images readable.

There are a variety of scale labels available in the market. Available either as stock labels or custom labels in various sizes, these labels can be used in a variety of scale printers depending upon which model or scale is being used. It’s not only supermarkets that require scale labels, as these labels are in demand industry wide wherever electronic weighing scales are being used.

Normally, the weighing scale manufacturer will also provide you with the labels you need. However, you can also use labels made from a third-party manufacturer, provided they meet OEM specifications.  Additionally, you can also get your own logo printed on a customized stock label. Though most stock labels are of a single color, you can print multi-color stock labels that match your specifications.

These days, you can buy scale labels from your favorite stationary or retail supply store. However, consider purchasing from a reputed store on the Internet as well. Simply log on to your favorite retail supplies online store and make your purchase from the comfort of your armchair. You order will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Thermal Transfer Roll Labels in Trade and Industry

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Thermal transfer roll labels are now widely used in trade and industry. This article takes a brief look at these labels.

At the super market or retail store, you might have discovered that small labels are stuck to the products you intend to buy. They contain product related information thermally printed on them. Chances are these labels are Thermal Transfer Roll Labels. Such roll labels are made from thermal transfer paper. These roll labels are different from routine roll labels and direct thermal roll labels. The difference is in the paper used. Direct thermal paper is composed of paper impregnated with a chemical or a dye that darkens when the paper is heated. Thus, heated pins of the printer head form the requisite characters on the paper that can be read easily.

In contrast, thermal transfer paper is usually glazed or bond paper that is treated with wax and a base material. This paper is held against an inked ribbon. A heated printhead is used to transfer melted ink to the paper to form the requisite characters.  Thermal Transfer Roll Labels are actually a roll of such labels wound on a standard core and stretch to several meters. They are chiefly used to create price tags, labels, bar codes, and sundry information such as inventory location and such.

Thus, besides the POS and retail sector, Thermal transfer roll labels find use in several other industries. Retailers and other business owners find it convenient to use thermal transfer paper rolls because of low maintenance costs as well as high printing speeds. There is a dual advantage of convenience as well as quality while using these rolls. Further, they are available in a standard size that fits most popular printers.

You need not worry about getting your supply of thermal transfer paper. These are available at most local office supply stores as well as on the Internet. By ordering online, you can enjoy the comfort of your arranging your requirements from the comfort of your own home. Also, there is an added advantage of extra convenience. So, you can shop and checkout faster and get the products delivered at your preferred location within the specified period.

Thermal Transfer Roll Labels for the Retail and POS Industry

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Thermal Transfer Roll Labels are in much demand in the POS and retail industry these days. They are chiefly used to create price tags, labels, bar codes, images, and also other sundry information. Thermal Transfer Roll Labels are made from thermal transfer paper rather that direct thermal paper which is also used in many businesses and industries. The main difference is in the technology used. Thermal transfer printers are used for printing on these labels, while direct thermal printers are used for printing on direct thermal paper.

Thermal transfer roll labels generally consist of a standard core at the center and are wound with several meters of roll labels. These labels can be easily peeled of their base and are available in various depths and sizes. As described, printing on these labels is accomplished with the help of a thermal transfer printer. This printer works by using heated pins in its printhead to melt the ink in the ribbon that is transferred to the label.

The label is treated with wax and a base material that prevents the ink from spreading so that it is absorbed immediately and set permanently into the label material. Thermal printing is advantageous because of low maintenance costs and high speeds while printing. These rolls offer convenience as well as quality to retailers and other businesses and are usually available in a standard core size to fit most popular thermal printers.

If you are worried about getting your source of thermal transfer paper, then relax. They are easily available at most local office supply stores. Nowadays, you can even purchase them on the Internet. By ordering from the Internet, you save time and there’s the advantage of added convenience. So, you can shop faster and products are delivered at your preferred address within the specified period.


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