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Thermal Transfer Roll Labels in Trade and Industry

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Thermal transfer roll labels are now widely used in trade and industry. This article takes a brief look at these labels.

At the super market or retail store, you might have discovered that small labels are stuck to the products you intend to buy. They contain product related information thermally printed on them. Chances are these labels are Thermal Transfer Roll Labels. Such roll labels are made from thermal transfer paper. These roll labels are different from routine roll labels and direct thermal roll labels. The difference is in the paper used. Direct thermal paper is composed of paper impregnated with a chemical or a dye that darkens when the paper is heated. Thus, heated pins of the printer head form the requisite characters on the paper that can be read easily.

In contrast, thermal transfer paper is usually glazed or bond paper that is treated with wax and a base material. This paper is held against an inked ribbon. A heated printhead is used to transfer melted ink to the paper to form the requisite characters.  Thermal Transfer Roll Labels are actually a roll of such labels wound on a standard core and stretch to several meters. They are chiefly used to create price tags, labels, bar codes, and sundry information such as inventory location and such.

Thus, besides the POS and retail sector, Thermal transfer roll labels find use in several other industries. Retailers and other business owners find it convenient to use thermal transfer paper rolls because of low maintenance costs as well as high printing speeds. There is a dual advantage of convenience as well as quality while using these rolls. Further, they are available in a standard size that fits most popular printers.

You need not worry about getting your supply of thermal transfer paper. These are available at most local office supply stores as well as on the Internet. By ordering online, you can enjoy the comfort of your arranging your requirements from the comfort of your own home. Also, there is an added advantage of extra convenience. So, you can shop and checkout faster and get the products delivered at your preferred location within the specified period.


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