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Inkjet Labels for All Your Printing Needs

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Inkjet labels are popular with almost all businesses and industries for labeling. This is due to the popularity of inkjet printers, which are now common printing equipment because of their cost effectiveness and printing efficiency. Inkjet labels are also affordable and low priced and can be used for labeling a variety of articles and things such as part bins, shipping cartons, VHS tapes, labels for diskettes, and many more.  Inkjet labels are available in many shapes and sizes such as round, circle, and even square labels.

Inkjet labels are made with help of die machines. They cut the labels to the required size. Thus, you can buy inkjet labels in various sizes. The most popular sizes come on an A4 sheet and you can easily peel of the labels and use them to label your favorite items. Inkjet labels are typically made from inkjet paper. These are categorized by their weight, brightness, and even the smoothness of paper. The best inkjet paper is usually made from deinked paper that has less porosity to curtail the diffusing of ink.

Most inkjet printers accept standard inkjet label sheets. These inkjet printers are usually less expensive when compared to laser jet printers. They also have a comparatively long life. Inkjet labels can be procured from most stationary stores. However, it is important for checking its genuineness and durability before using it for label printing.

Care should be taken that these labels do not bleed while printing on them. This is because inkjet printers release a jet of wet ink, which is absorbed by the paper. Therefore inkjet paper requires special absorbing paper that can prevent smudging. With the advancement of printing technology, this type of paper has become popular. Glossy as well as clear material for inkjet printing is also popular. With the increasing popularity of removable labels, removable type inkjet labels are available as well.

Most inkjet labels utilize high quality adhesives that will not melt between the rollers of the printer. Also, most inkjet labels have rounded corners to prevent the labels from getting entangled in your inkjet printer. Label sheets are usually made of 50 lb. bright white face sheets.

Inkjet labels are conveniently available from any retail or stationary store. Alternatively, you can also buy them on the Internet from any reputed online store. You just need to order from the comfort of your own home and the product will be delivered right at your doorstep.


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