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Thermal transfer labels are  commonly used within the transport and logistics industry, but are also used for different consumer durable labeling. Thermal transfer labels require a thermal transfer ribbon to print, but they offer a longer shelf life in comparing to direct thermal labels.

Uses of thermal transfer labels:

Most of our thermal transfer labels are used for shipping labels, for inventory tracking and control, and for task pacific work like  product  and package identification. And these colors thermal transfer labels can be used for warehousing and lot separation. However, The markets and applications for thermal transfer are constantly expanding all over the world.

How it created?:

Thermal Transfer labels are produced with an ultra-smooth coating that creates a scratch resistant bond with thermal ribbon. Thermal Transfer technology creates a  crisp print, and is ideal for labelling situations such as Barcoding, warehousing and most importantly for product labeling.

What we do?:

We at labelsonlinecom produce a vast range of products for Thermal Transfer printing and Thermal Direct . All of our different label products are tailored to specifically to our specific customers needs. We can provide many different materials ranging from standard paper, to synthetics, non adhesive tags and several specialist materials. We can  produce labels that can be fully submersed in water.

How we do?:

A thermal transfer printer uses a thin plastic ribbon with a thin coating of wax or resin based pigment. The ribbon and labels feed from separate rolls and are squeezed together by a roller as they pass under the thermal printhead. The heating elements in the printed melt the coating which transfers to the label to form the image.

First we’ll define ‘direct thermal’ labels versus ‘thermal transfer’ labels. When using ‘thermal transfer’ labels it is necessary to install a roll of inked ribbon into the printer along with the labels. The ink from the roll of ribbon transfers to the labels as they are printed. Rolls of inked ribbon are not used when printing on ‘direct thermal’ labels.

Various thermal transfer labels :

And here at labels online  we offer you various thermal transfer labels of different shape, size and style like Thermal Transfer Roll Labels, Wound Out, Thermal Transfer Roll Labels, Wound In, Color thermal Transfer Labels, Wound Out Thermal Transfer Labels, FanfoldedThermal Transfer Card Stock And , beside this product many other great products that is sold by us.


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