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Labels – The Powerful Communication Tool

Labels serve many purposes- product identification, name tags, advertising, warnings and other communication. A label can be a piece of paper, polymer, cloth or a metal. Today’s world is highly competitive. Hence it is necessary for any business or product to stand out to lure customers. As per a survey, customers make an impression of the product in the first five seconds. This impression can impact sales for the product. Labels form an important part of making this impression on potential customers.

There are many professionals who provide their expertise in label printing. Based on the needs, various types of labels such as laser or inkjet labels, custom printed labels, thermal labels or preprinted labels can be provided. Laser label printing can be done on a wide range of materials such as paper, polyester, polyethylene or metallic papers, whereas inkjet has limitations of the type of material that can be used. Laser printed labels are smudge free and water resistant and images do not fade in sunlight whereas in inkjet labels, print fades over time. Inkjet labels provide wider scope for label formats that is they can be used for customized cut size of the labels whereas laser printing is not possible in that case.

A great way to establish brand identity is through the use of custom printed labels. It gives the freedom to choose the best material with beautiful graphics and text and a unique size for creating a lasting impression of the product. Usually these labels are used in fast moving consumer goods where products require attracting consumer’s interest to stimulate buying.

Thermal label printing is of two types- direct thermal label printing and Thermal transfer printing. Direct thermal labels are made of thin plastic or heating element does foil and printing.  They are widely used as labels in packaging, shipping, shelves, diskettes and bar codes. However they cannot be used where heat is emanating from another heat source. So they cannot be used in factories or industrial locations where heat sources are present. In such places thermal labels can be used. As they can withstand heat, they are more durable than direct thermal labels.

Scale labels are ideal for labeling applications in supermarkets, butcher shops, grocery stores, convenience stores and many other areas. These labels provide weight and price information of a product. Based on the application, different adhesives are used.

Label printing requires attention to details. Just selecting the right kind of look and label but also in selecting the right material and adhesives does not finish the job. When choosing a label for a food carton, the materials and ink used must adhere to the food safety norms set by the authorities. Many times adhesives and label materials are inflammable. Such labels should not be used in places near fire or heat source.

Labels help build a brand image. They initiate a customer to the product. Its importance should never be underestimated. Right from advertising a product to giving details of the product to the customer, labels play a very important role. Advance in technology has opened up vast avenues to experiment with medium, graphics and applications of labels. They should be certainly tapped at the earliest.

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